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Focus Day Saturday, December 11th

posted Dec 10, 2010, 9:05 AM by Christian Life Media   [ updated Dec 10, 2010, 9:21 AM by Christian Life Church ]
Christian Life Church hosts
Rev. Jack Stephenson,
the National Director (USA) for Natural Church Development
Saturday Dec 10th
9 a.m.

Rev. Jack Stephenson will be serving as our coach and consultant on our journey to becoming a Healthier, Growing Church, Fulfilling our Purpose and Realizing our Full Potential.

"Winning Souls and Making Disciples"

We have discovered through Natural Church Development research conducted in, 1000 different churches on five continents, 32 countries, 18 languages4.2 million pieces of data, large and small growing and declining well known churches and totally unknown churches, churches from areas currently experiencing great spiritual revivals, as well as regions which appear to be more spiritually developing:

The result:  These eight quality characteristics are used by God to build his church!
  •     Empowering Leadership
  •     Gift-based Ministry
  •     Passionate Spirituality
  •     Effective Structures
  •     Inspiring Worship Services
  •     Holistic Small Groups
  •     Need-oriented Evangelism
  •     Loving Relationships

Christian Life Church has conducted a survey of a cross section of our membership and have discovered out of these eight quality characteristics that we have a minimum factor (where we scored the lowest) and while we can improve in all eight of these areas, it is suggested that we begin by developing a church health team to work on our minimum factor.

Rev. Jack Stephenson has now worked with thousands of church and we are blessed to have him in Nassau for this special day.

If you are a Pastor or a church leader from another church you are welcome to participate FREE OF CHARGE.