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Friend Sunday 2016

posted Apr 15, 2016, 11:09 AM by Christian Life Church
Be a Friend—Bring a Friend! 

When life gets too busy—with work, children's activities, even church—it's easy to let relationships take a back seat. But friends are an important part of our lives, and having a supporting group of friends can make life's challenges easier. Even Jesus had twelve friends with whom He did life together! How about you? Do you have great friends or just great acquaintances? 

Learn how to be a better friend and build deeper relationships on April 17, 2016 during Friend Sunday! This special service is dedicated to welcoming friends to our church, celebrating friendships, and discovering what it means to be a true friend. 

We will be taking time to learn about various kinds of friendships that can help carry us through life’s trials, celebrate life’s joys, and make life’s journey more meaningful. So invite someone to come with you—it's the friendly thing to do! 

"A friend loveth at all times
..." — Psalms 17:17 (KJV)