Our History

In the New Testament, the word "church" means "called out ones," and in the late 1980's God called out Bishop Dr. Jay Simms, who was at that time serving his home church as an associate pastor, to meet for a worship service in his apartment with a group of persons that would eventually become Christian Life Church. After about two weeks, they met at the Poinciana Arena on Bernard Road for approximately a year, then moved to the Pilot House Hotel on East Bay Street for six weeks and then over to the Lowe's Harbour Cove Hotel on Paradise Island, where they were able to venture into children's ministry.

In 1990, the Church moved to a store-front in the Carey's Shopping Centre on Prince Charles Drive, where Christian Life School of Theology and Seminary International was begun. They eventually moved into the front of the shopping centre, doubling their space, and later acquired another store-front to provide additional facilities for the growing ministry.

In 1998, Christian Life Church and its ministries relocated to the former Sea Breeze Manor on Sea Breeze Lane, which today they own and occupy with Christian Life School of Theology. After the purchase of a portable classroom unit in 2003, they further expanded their children's ministry. By their 20th Anniversary in 2008, plans were underway for expansion of the facilities by building two two-floor wings to allow growth in all areas.

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